Teachbad Videos

Teachbad Video: What Grade Would You Like?

Teachbad Principal Training Summit Video

Teachbad Sings: I Hate Children

Teachbad Differentiation Video

Teachbad’s Care and Feeding of Rubrics

4 Responses to Teachbad Videos

  1. BronxEnglish says:

    I love your blog. Your videos were hilariously on-point. Thank you for making me laugh.

  2. gilda says:

    Thanks for some great laughs between bouts of teeth-gnashing at the current education deform movement. Your videos are gut-busting funny. They are so true it hurts. Your take on all this lunacy is spot on!

  3. jim tallon says:

    I have been teaching for 35 years. It is so refreshing to have found out over the last few years that all the failures in my class have been my fault. At times I worried it might be the kids and their laziness and lack of concern with the work they do, but now I know. I am currently in the process of tracking down my past failures in order to apologize to them. Next week I will be visiting a local prison where many of them reside in order to do a mass apology. I will be publicly beaten and humiliated, and then I will take the place of one of these outstanding individuals who will then teach in my place. No one will dare criticize him. They know what will happen if they do.

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