First Teachbad Survey: Please Help

Here's what I would like to do. Eventually I would like to develop a survey of teacher satisfaction that will be answered by tens of thousands of teachers and former teachers and will be disseminated inter-galactically and change teaching forever, for the better. I know that I skipped some steps just there and the details are lacking. But here is what we are doing now. I am experimenting with some new survey software. I put together a pretty meaningless survey that I am hoping you will complete Read more [...]

Event in DC This Friday…Like, Tomorrow

Hi, Everybody- There is an Occupy event being held tomorrow at McPherson Square, just behind the White House, at 15th and K St. NW. Easy to get to on the Blue and Orange line downtown. This is for educators and people who care about what they do. I'll be there and hope to see some of you. Here are the details: We teach the 99%! Stand up for public education in DC! Grade-in and Speak out McPherson Square | 15th & K Sts NW Friday, Nov. 18, 2011 - 4:30pm --------------- From New Read more [...]

Teacher: Year Going “Pretty Shitty”

FAKE EDUCATION NEWS Omaha, NE-- Tim Laudner, 26, is a second year history teacher at Norris Middle School in Omaha, NE. Mr. Laudner is not having a good year. He hasn't lost all hope, but neither is he optimistic. I made an appointment to meet with Mr. Laudner before school to talk with him about his experiences as a second year teacher. We got right to it. Teachbad Education News (TEN): Thanks for agreeing to meet with me this morning. You told me over the phone that your first Read more [...]

Teachbad’s “Struggling Students” Video

I hope you enjoy the video. It's your favorite principal and teacher discussing struggling students. I also want to announce that the winner of the Photo Caption Contest is Ms. Cynthia Sloan for her submission: The Lack of Fathers is a Parent. For her winning entry, Cynthia will receive one free set of Teachbad Therapy Magnets. I would also like to add that Cynthia has a website full of resources for Spanish teachers, which I'm sure is very good. I looked around it myself and it definitely Read more [...]

Transitions for Teachbad

Hi, Everybody- I hope you are feeling well and doing good. This is a general housekeeping sort of post, so forgive me. But read it. Forgive me; then read it. The website is undergoing a pretty thorough renovation. Much will change as I try to keep the rest the same. 1) The biggest change is that the Store and the blog will now be on the same site. The store will become much more attractive, remain just as safe, and have additional products in a few weeks or so. Meanwhile, the "old" Read more [...]

Michelle Rhee, Superstar

Wow, Michelle Rhee. I'd like to hitch my wagon to yours. I mean, we both know there is no evidence that you know much about much. Including teaching. It seems you were a mediocre or maybe even a pretty good teacher for...what was it...two years? "Two and through", am I right? Anyway, destiny was calling. You are pushy, stubborn, self-righteous and ambitious. Those qualities can get one far almost anywhere. Very far. But I see little more than this in you. I don't believe you care any more Read more [...]
The shame...

The Lack of Fathers is a Parent

  Sometimes there just isn't much to say. This is one of those times. CONTEST has been won by Cynthia Sloan. Her winning submission is the NEW title for this post. Good job, Cynthia! CONTEST!!!!: Because the above photo is so classically and uncompromisingly ironic and sad, I would very much like for people to submit funny or otherwise insightful captions. The winner will receive a complimentary set of Teachbad Therapy Magnets. These are great fun and they are also available for purchase Read more [...]

Time for a Hug

OK...we're almost halfway through October and feeling like we want to blow our brains out. Right? I know. The routines and rituals have either robbed everyone of their dignity in the name of order, or not been implemented in the name of making you shout like a fool to get the class to sit down. Either way, your dignity is gone. And Columbus Day...what a goddamn joke. It was only two days ago and already you feel cheated. The only thing that seems farther away than Columbus Day is Thanksgiving. Read more [...]

The “Do Now”

It is referred to variously as a Do Now or a Warm-up or, if you are a hard-core edu-dork, an Activator. There may be other regional variants. And if you are a vice principal who is really intent on showing how out of touch you are, you can require teachers to engage in these at the beginning of staff meetings. It never fails to make you the object of ridicule after the meeting! Never. This is the thing that all of the kids are supposed to be engaged with actively, meaningfully, and immediately Read more [...]

Teachbad Sings: “Watch You Drown”

Hi, Folks- Mr. Teachbad has written a new song. I am aware that the bulk of my talent allotment has not been delivered in the form of singing, guitar-playing or song-writing abilities. So, once again, I have decided to combine all three into a one-stop wonder of mediocrity. Just for you. Watch You Drown Every time you hand me a rubric I want to push you off a bridge And watch you drown Every time I feel a little bit sick I'm gonna Read more [...]