Fixing the Dropout Crisis, Part II

About a month ago, Howard University and our local NPR station, WAMU, held a teacher town hall on the dropout crisis in the DC area. This was one of many similar events around the country. My first take on the event can be found here. After listening to the whole thing again, my first thought was to retract much of what I said initially about the event being fairly uninspiring and underwhelming. After listening to most of it a third time, I'm a little less sure. Let's talk... Four Things Read more [...]


Dear Readers- As you may know, I was asked to participate in an education blog competition hosted by the California Casualty Management Company (Calcas). A very nice woman there named Abbye found my blog and selected it as an entry. As of this morning, we were handily leading in vote totals, thanks to you. As of a little later this morning, my blog was removed and eliminated from the competition. I know what you're thinking: Steroids. Not this time. It turns out that the higher ups in Read more [...]

VOTE for Teachbad and HELP SMART KIDS!!

Hello, Readers. I have been honored to be asked to participate in the California Casualty Management Company's best education blog competition. CCMC is an insurance company serving teachers, nurses, firefighters and cops. My participation in this competition in no way constitutes an endorsement of the State of California. Nor should it be construed as an endorsement of CCMC, their services, products, or ethics; of which I have studiously learned nothing. OK? If I win this competition, $200 Read more [...]

YIPPEE! IT’s ALMOST OVER!!! (Treat yourself)

  Mr. Teachbad is proud to announce the release of two brand new Teachbad coffee cups and an enormous YIPPEE!! IT's ALMOST OVER!!! sale on ALL Teachbad Products in the Teacher Porn Store!! Even the new stuff. All items in the Teachbad catalog are now on sale until July! The long-awaited results of the choose your coffee cup design survey are in. Teachbad readers were almost evenly split between the two designs, giving a slight edge to the Support Teachers design. But the Stick People Read more [...]

Fixing the Dropout Crisis, Part I

Last night I attended a Teacher Town Hall on the dropout crisis in Washington, DC. It was hosted by Howard University Television (WHUT) and WAMU, our local public radio station. All in all, it was a little underwhelming. In addition, my quest for international superstardom was again thwarted. I had signed up to attend and indicated that I was not currently a classroom teacher when I did so. When I got there I was not admitted because I was not currently a teacher. Because they didn't fill up all Read more [...]

When Tuesday is Monday

I was driving home with my family last night. We were on our way back from the last big fun activity in a long Memorial Day weekend full of them. My wife's mood suddenly darkened as she remembered that it was Monday night and she was going back to work in the morning. Millions of Americans were experiencing this same realization and mood shift at about the same time. Then I suddenly remembered how much more intense and dreadful and panicky that feeling was when I was a teacher. A wave of it came Read more [...]

A Serious Choice

I need help. Closely examine the two images below and vote. Which of these original Teachbad designs would you rather see on a coffee mug sometime in the near future? Have a very Happy Memorial Day. You deserve it. Smell that sweet June air right around the corner... Teachbad ps -- If you haven't already, please respond to the One Question Teacher Annoyance Survey. Results will be tallied next week. pss -- You should also get on the mailing list, follow me on Twitter and Read more [...]

Seriously, Teachers, You’re Being WAY Too Difficult

Looking back it's clear to see how Dr. Todd Whitaker's management techniques were used at my school. I'll illustrate a couple of examples and I encourage you to send in your own. Recall the last post in which Dr. Whitaker's path-breaking book Dealing With Difficult Teachers was viciously skewered in an evenhanded review. Dr. Whitaker encourages principals to use misdirection and dis-ingenuousness in their treatment of the vile subhumans they have deemed difficult teachers. Many readers think it Read more [...]

Dear Teachers: Please Stop Being So Difficult

There is a terrible little book called Dealing With Difficult Teachers (2002) by Todd Whitaker. I'd been curious about this book since I saw it on my assistant principal's Amazon wish list three years ago. I finally read it this week. It was even worse than I had imagined, both in terms of ideas and prose. So, let's get started! What do you do with a difficult teacher? And what is a difficult teacher anyway? Difficult teachers are defined entirely by how the principal feels about what Read more [...]

Teacher Annoyance Survey: One Question

There are two distinct categories of adverse job conditions in teaching or any other profession. The first category is necessary or unavoidable things. You can't get away from them. The second category is nasty things that don't really need to be that way but somebody is making it that way on purpose. It's much more variable and dependent on where you are teaching, not just that you are teaching. For now, I want to ask you about the first category. These are fundamental conditions of teaching. Read more [...]