Teachbad Watches Rhee Frontline Documentary

Which sounds better? 1)    I’m going to dig up your grandfather and rape him; or 2)    I’m going to dig up your grandfather and rape him for the kids. While they both give me pause, I think #2 sounds way better. Let’s see if we can figure out why. What the two propositions have in common is the stated intent to perform a controversial act of necrophilia. (“Controversial” is perhaps redundant here.) The key difference between them is the addition of the propositional phrase Read more [...]

Michelle and Marion: True Love?

I’m like, ‘You know what? I don’t give a crap.’ Don’t get me wrong. Creativity is good and whatever. But if the children don’t know how to read, I don’t care how creative you are. You’re not doing your job. --Founder/CEO of Students First and former DC Schools Chancellor Michelle Rhee on teachers, Time Magazine cover story, November 8, 2008. I don’t know what it is about young boys that they love to throw rocks. It happens more in low-income communities…where there are a Read more [...]

Teaching is a Dead-End Job: Part II

If you are committed to leaving teaching, there are ways out. There are other leaky boats waiting for you at the dock. You can try to get a different job, in or out of education. It stands to reason that something within the broader field of education would offer better prospects for the aspiring ex-teacher. But being a teacher doesn’t automatically make you an attractive candidate for any ol’ job in education. It is important to remember that remaining in education as a principal, curriculum Read more [...]

Teaching: Dead-End Job: Part I

Wow... Happy New Year. That was a long Teachbreak I took just there. I wouldn't say it was relaxing. The holidays and family visiting isn't relaxing. I've been working on a major Teachbad-related project and another non-Teachbad-related project which have both kept me unbloggish for a bit. Plus I have a job, kids, dog and a house that's 115 years old. But I'm back. And I missed you. I hope your heat shields maintained their integrity upon reentry into your classroom this week. I know it was Read more [...]

Satire, Sarcasm and Swearing: My Journey

To close out the year, give myself a little break, and celebrate three magical years of Mr. Teachbad's Blog of Teacher Disgruntlement, I've decided to post a little retrospective. What follows are the Top Ten most-read posts from each year of Teachbad’s glorious history. I tried picking my personal favorite Top Ten, but it soon became clear that would be even more self-indulgent and time-consuming than this was. Let me know if you think I have progressed or declined. Thanks for reading and Read more [...]

In Memoriam

Newtown, Connecticut December 14, 2012   Allison Wyatt, age 6 Caroline Previdi, age 6 Ana Marquez-Green, age 6 Daniel Barden, age 7 Benjamin Wheeler, age 6 Chase Kowalski, age 7 Josephine Gay, age 7 Catherine Hubbard, age 6 Jack Pinto, age 6 James Mattioli, age 6 Jessica Rekos, age 6 Dylan Hockley, age 6 Emilie Parker, age 6 Jesse Lewis, age 6 Madeline Hsu, age 6 Grace McDonnell, age 7 Charlotte Bacon, age 6 Olivia Engel, age 6 Avielle Read more [...]

Take the Day Off for Teachbad’s Anniversary!!

Before we get into today’s post about days off work, I’d like to point out that today, December 9, 2012, is the three-year anniversary of Mr. Teachbad’s Blog of Teacher Disgruntlement: Where Teachers Laugh and Complain; shortened now mostly to the more compact and efficient Teachbad. And now back to our regularly scheduled post: Two years ago I couldn’t have imagined a world where I would have a job and not have 15 days off for Christmas. How could a 15-day break ever be properly squeezed Read more [...]

Vacation-Time Distortion Equation

Hey, Everybody- Congratulations on making it through another week and another month. Don't start your countdown calendar yet. But it's mighty tempting, isn't it? It's a little bit of a problem that Thanksgiving was early this year. That obviously makes the spread between then and the Big One longer. Oh, so much longer...Here we are, more than a week after Thanksgiving and there's still more than three weeks until Christmas? Really? So we cope. Here's something that won't really help with Read more [...]

Top Ten Teacher Beliefs

The education reform movement clearly thinks that if it can just get teachers to do all the right things, the Achievement Gap will be crushed. But all the right things to do have to be sold to the teachers. The sales pitch is a core set of underlying beliefs. (Underlying the underlying beliefs is a soothing tonic of wishful thinking and emotional blackmail.) By and large the beliefs are demonstrably false, which makes it all the more important that adherence to them be demonstrated amply through Read more [...]

A Wedding and Some Free Advice

We went to a wedding yesterday. It was two friends I used to teach with. They met at the school where we worked and found love in a hopeless place. My wife and I don't go to many weddings anymore. There was a long period where we went to four or five weddings every year. That gradually tapered off and faded into the current era of second weddings and bar mitzvas. This was that rare first wedding of two good friends. Nothin' better than that. Unless, of course, it doesn't work out. Then it can Read more [...]