MR. TEACHBAD will be there. Will you? TEACHERS!!!! Yes, you...weeding your garden. You...on the beach. You...playing with your children. You...drinking Bloody Marys at lunch. You...trying to find a cheap flight to San Diego. You...looking for a job. your dad's house. You...working on your curriculum. You...hiding in the corner. It's time for all y'all to get up off your asses. If you are a teacher, you must know that your profession is undergoing a sustained, Read more [...]

Happy Summer!

Hello, Everybody! Mr. Teachbad is currently engaged in a technological quest for which he is deeply lacking in both talent and expertise. You see, I am trying to upgrade the blogsite. We're talking about hosting and reconfiguring all sorts of things.....................................................................................................Stop.... I thought I could write something funny about this. I can't. It's not funny. It sucks. I truly hate this. Every time I figure out some Read more [...]

Turds of Administration

If you are a regular or semi-regular reader of this blog, you know that, as a group, the administrative class at my school suffers from Diminished Interpersonal Capacity Syndrome or DICS. This is a terrible condition that causes people to relate to others as if they were not truly human and to treat them poorly for no good reason. The organization New Leaders for New Schools has been identified as a carrier of DICS. Beware. In celebration of the end of another year, and in the spirit of data Read more [...]

I Feel So Cheap And Dirty, Part II

Before you go on, you may want to read I Feel So Cheap And Dirty, Part I. But I can't make you. The four come into my room, and I know what's going to happen. (By the way, Timmy has no IEP, 504 or anything like that. He's just lazy.) The social worker introduces me to Timmy's parents, who speak no English. And I don't speak what they speak. It's unclear whether the social worker speaks what they speak, but I think not. So with no communication happening on most fronts, the social worker just hits Read more [...]

I Feel So Cheap and Dirty, Part I

Three days after I published the last video, the sadly prophetic one about teachers being coerced into giving students grades they don't deserve, here's what happened to me: I had entered senior grades on Sunday night. When I checked my email in the morning I found a few papers that had been turned in overnight. I graded them. I entered new grades. No big deal. That was Monday. The seniors were officially done with classes. On Tuesday they all started coming around to get things signed off Read more [...]

Teachbad Video: What Grade Would You Like?

Teacher in delicate negotiations with a student in What Grade Would You Like?

Dear Seniors: Please, Just Go

Holy guys are the cat's meow...let me tell you. You seniors... But you don't need me to tell you. Am I right? You already know just exactly how goddamn awesome you are. And some of you really are. But others, not so much. You come in late, or nor at all. You complain about how stressful your life is. You sleep in class...because you are sooo stressed. What's with you guys? I know you are stressed. The stress is maybe a little like alcohol. They say it enhances your personality. Read more [...]

Teachers: Should We Stand Up?

"Best beginning of a book ever" That's what I wrote in the left-hand margin over 20 years ago when I first read these words: The human spirit glows from that small inner light of doubt whether we are right, while those who believe with complete certainty that they possess the right are dark inside and darken the world outside with cruelty, pain, and injustice. It's from the second page of Saul Alinsky's classic, hard-core progressive activism guide-book, Rules For Radicals (1971). Before Read more [...]

Circus For Grown-Ups

Are y'all about done with testing? I am. We just had two weeks of AP tests right on the heels of the High-Stakes State Tests for AYP and everything. We pulled out all the stops. Everything was up-ended. Learning was on holiday. But it smelled good. During the state tests we served bacon and eggs and waffles to everybody, every morning. There were prizes and pizza parties for coming in on time. Administrators dressed up in funny costumes and said silly things during announcements. Slogans and Read more [...]

I Felt Bloated on Saturday

I was tired. It was even more difficult than normal to perform the menial and tedious job-related chores I had brought home for a beautiful Saturday morning. But my wife and I went to a benefit auction and dinner on Saturday night, as planned. No problem. And after that we went to see our friend's band at the Iota Club, as planned. It was in this unfortunate venue that the real trouble began. Knock-Knock Who's there? Sal Sal who? Salmonella!! That's right, folks. Salmonella. I recommend, Read more [...]