Fake Education News

Teachbad: Teachbad Book Club Going “Pretty Badly”
Washington, DC

Racist Gym Teacher Closes Achievement Gap
Philadelphia, PA

Teacher: Year Going “Pretty Shitty”
Omaha, NE

Teacher Apparently Not Getting Fired
Nashville, TN

Teacher Loses It
Nashville, TN

Teachers Still in Favor of Spring Break
Everywhere, USA

Enraptured Teacher Forgets Own Birthday
Montpelier, VT

Teacher Fakes Bomb Threat To End Faculty Meeting
Louisville, KY

Principal Seeks to Replace Student Body, Improve Scores
Kansas City, KS

Biology Teacher Running Low On Toner
Juneau, AK

Teacher Finally Apologizes: “Achievement Gap My Fault”
Indianapolis, IN

Teacher Psyched About Getting Same Room
Hollywood, FL

Summer School “Sucks Dog Balls”
Glendale, AZ

Parents to Teachers: “Thanks for Raising Our Kids”
Fresno, CA

Fire Drill Not Taken Seriously, Part II
Denver, CO

English Papers Still Not Graded
Eugene, OR

Firedrill Not Taken Seriously, Part I
Denver, CO

VA Math Department Linked to Another Murder-Suicide
Charlottesville, VA

Student Keeps Asking About Recommendation Letter
Baltimore, MD

Permanent Marker Used on White Board
Abilene, TX

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