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Teachbad’s Road Trip Photos

Holy Crap. I’ve been on a Family Road Trip for 17 days now. My wife flew home from Denver on Friday so I’ve been driving alone with the kids for three days. We’re all feeling a little punch-drunk here at the Evansville North Holiday Inn Express. 5196 miles so far. Just 600 more to DC. I could show you pictures of Graceland, the Oklahoma City Bombing Memorial, the Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, Dinosaur National Monument in Utah, the Rocky Mountains, a family wedding in Meeker, Co., or the St. Read more [...]

Transitions for Teachbad

Hi, Everybody- I hope you are feeling well and doing good. This is a general housekeeping sort of post, so forgive me. But read it. Forgive me; then read it. The website is undergoing a pretty thorough renovation. Much will change as I try to keep the rest the same. 1) The biggest change is that the Store and the blog will now be on the same site. The store will become much more attractive, remain just as safe, and have additional products in a few weeks or so. Meanwhile, the “old” Read more [...]

A Day in the Life of Teachbad

Teachbad and Jay Mathews: Part I

Happy Back to School time to everybody. I’m sorry. Do you know what you need? A good read and some magnets. Last week Jay Mathews at the Washington Post ran a piece, not exactly about me, but using me as an example in order to propose an argument. It was called Maybe Schools Shouldn’t Work As Teams. The summary is that Mathews believes school principals should be like general managers of baseball teams. Principals should be able to get rid of people at will if they aren’t working out Read more [...]

Out of a Job; In the News

The jig is up The news is out They finally found me The Renegade who had it made Retrieved for the bounty Nevermore to go astray This’ll be the end today Of the wanted man That’s how Mr. Teachbad feels today. But tomorrow is a new day. And in about two weeks, teachers will be getting ready for stupid meetings. And they will be hoping their word walls are in the right place, with the right words. And teaching will still be judged by them as a pretty crappy, thankless job. For hundreds Read more [...]


I have to tell you this story. It’s been going on at my house all night. My brother in law and nephew are here visiting from California and Canada. One of the things we like to do when guests are in town is go to the fish market. It’s not far away, but not the kind of thing we do without a reason. So, we were happy to have a reason. (By the way, this whole post has nothing to do with education or fat kids or how Michelle Rhee nearly cured me of my Asian fetish. It’s about family and mutant Read more [...]

Happy Summer!

Hello, Everybody! Mr. Teachbad is currently engaged in a technological quest for which he is deeply lacking in both talent and expertise. You see, I am trying to upgrade the blogsite. We’re talking about hosting and reconfiguring all sorts of things………………………………………………………………………………………..Stop…. I thought I could write something funny about this. I can’t. It’s not funny. It sucks. I truly hate this. Every time I figure out some Read more [...]

I Felt Bloated on Saturday

I was tired. It was even more difficult than normal to perform the menial and tedious job-related chores I had brought home for a beautiful Saturday morning. But my wife and I went to a benefit auction and dinner on Saturday night, as planned. No problem. And after that we went to see our friend’s band at the Iota Club, as planned. It was in this unfortunate venue that the real trouble began. Knock-Knock Who’s there? Sal Sal who? Salmonella!! That’s right, folks. Salmonella. I recommend, Read more [...]

OK…Break’s Over

Hi, Everyone- I’ve taken a little time off…visited the family last week for Thanksgiving and all. It was good. We road tripped. 1200 miles there. 1200 miles back. Mom and dad in the front. Kids in the back. The all-American yelling and fighting extravaganza. Just like with my parents with these small differences: 1) We have seatbelts; 2) A lot less cigarette smoke; and 3) Let the name of the Lord be praised!!!!!…..We have a DVD player. Without this, there would certainly have been some deaths. Highlights: 1) Read more [...]

WARNING: This Is A Lazy Post

Nothing here is new except for these first few sentences of introduction. Context: This is a little article posted on a site called It is an anti-labor blahg. (Did I just coin a phrase?) It is dedicated to trashing organized labor. The article I have reprinted was written by a fellow named Sonny Bunch whose full time job, as far as I can tell, is movie critic for something called The Washington Times. (Never heard of it.) In his spare time, Mr. Bunch is also an expert commentator Read more [...]