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Top 10 Reasons Teaching Sucks

Ladies and Gentlemen- I may have just distilled the entire teaching universe down to 10 talking points. See what you think. Let me know. TOP TEN REASONS YOU MAY NOT WANT TO BE A TEACHER 10) Become object of widespread public scorn; 9) Dignity offered as sacrifice to unholy lovechild of Bill Gates and Michelle Rhee; 8) Lazy, whiny, stupid, absent and/or unprepared students (which studies have shown to be the fault of teachers); 7) Need to use the bathroom? Great!! Your planning period Read more [...]

Time for a Hug

OK…we’re almost halfway through October and feeling like we want to blow our brains out. Right? I know. The routines and rituals have either robbed everyone of their dignity in the name of order, or not been implemented in the name of making you shout like a fool to get the class to sit down. Either way, your dignity is gone. And Columbus Day…what a goddamn joke. It was only two days ago and already you feel cheated. The only thing that seems farther away than Columbus Day is Thanksgiving. Read more [...]

Teachbad Sings: “Watch You Drown”

Hi, Folks- Mr. Teachbad has written a new song. I am aware that the bulk of my talent allotment has not been delivered in the form of singing, guitar-playing or song-writing abilities. So, once again, I have decided to combine all three into a one-stop wonder of mediocrity. Just for you. Watch You Drown Every time you hand me a rubric I want to push you off a bridge And watch you drown Every time I feel a little bit sick I’m gonna Read more [...]

Teachbad and Jay Mathews: Part 2

To fully appreciate this post, you should probably take a quick look at the last post if you have not already. This is the continuation of a dialogue between myself and Jay Mathews, education writer at the Washington Post, about the school where I formerly taught, Columbia Heights Education Campus(CHEC). (I promise the next post in this blog will mark a return to the offensive silliness at which it most excels.) Jay Mathews: Thanks Peter. This makes some sense in isolation. You make a Read more [...]

Teachbad and Jay Mathews: Part I

Happy Back to School time to everybody. I’m sorry. Do you know what you need? A good read and some magnets. Last week Jay Mathews at the Washington Post ran a piece, not exactly about me, but using me as an example in order to propose an argument. It was called Maybe Schools Shouldn’t Work As Teams. The summary is that Mathews believes school principals should be like general managers of baseball teams. Principals should be able to get rid of people at will if they aren’t working out Read more [...]

Turds of Administration

If you are a regular or semi-regular reader of this blog, you know that, as a group, the administrative class at my school suffers from Diminished Interpersonal Capacity Syndrome or DICS. This is a terrible condition that causes people to relate to others as if they were not truly human and to treat them poorly for no good reason. The organization New Leaders for New Schools has been identified as a carrier of DICS. Beware. In celebration of the end of another year, and in the spirit of data Read more [...]

I Felt Bloated on Saturday

I was tired. It was even more difficult than normal to perform the menial and tedious job-related chores I had brought home for a beautiful Saturday morning. But my wife and I went to a benefit auction and dinner on Saturday night, as planned. No problem. And after that we went to see our friend’s band at the Iota Club, as planned. It was in this unfortunate venue that the real trouble began. Knock-Knock Who’s there? Sal Sal who? Salmonella!! That’s right, folks. Salmonella. I recommend, Read more [...]

In Must We Trust

Sometimes I can’t quite put my finger on it…why my school is such a crappy place to work. But most of the time it’s easy. Here is a relatively subtle example from just today. Every Monday morning we get the [Your School Name Here] Bulletin in our boxes and in email. It’s very small. One sheet of paper printed on front and back in black and white. I’m looking at it right now. Most of it is probably white space. Then there is a three-inch header, a couple of pictures, a couple of calendar sidebars, Read more [...]

Arrogance and Education Reform

Here is what bugs me about education reform. It is arrogant, ahistorical, and willfully dishonest. Arrogant: Bill Gates, Michelle Rhee, and any number of millionaires, billionaires, short-time former-teacher-reformers and really just about anybody at all now feels free to opine about what is wrong with American education and how to fix it. (Surprise! Turns out the problem is teachers in districts where hardly anybody knows who their dad is. Just by chance.) The arrogance of the movement is that Read more [...]

Video: Teachbad’s Care and Feeding of Rubrics

The care and feeding of rubrics. For you… With love from, Mr. Teachbad And remeber…Mr. Teachbad is now on Facebook. Want to be friends?