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Welcome to the Teachbad Book Club (TBC).

(Here is the original post introducing the TBC and info about the first book for 2nd/3rd week of March.)

The official name of the club is, and will remain, Mr. Teachbad’s Offi­cial Teach­bad Book Club Even­tac­u­lar Dis­cus­sion Series (MTbOTb­BCEDS). Sadly, however, the marketing geniuses and focus groups have indicated that this is a cumbersome name and have suggested that “eventacular” is not a real word. I think that was a cheap shot.

So, we’ll go with Teachbad’s Book Club (TBC). For now…

Before I made it a club, I just reviewed a couple of books that I thought were good and that teachers should read.

Here they are. I still recommend them and you should buy them:

See Me After Class by Roxana Elden. (Review is here.)


Making the Grades: My Misadventures in the Standardized Testing Industry by Todd Farland.
Review is here.

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