Top 10 Worst Back-To-School Ice Breakers

10. Raise your hand if you think you’re not fat. We’ll go around the room and when we get to you, say your name nice and loud and we’ll see what the class decides.

9. Get your question cards out for a quick round of Whose Dad Drinks A Lot?

8. Now you’ll get to know the members of your group as you work to gain dominance and make decisions in Oh, No!! There Aren’t Enough Life Jackets!!

7. If you were in the slow group last year, the Dumbbells or whatever, go to the front of the room for a round of timed read-alouds. Then we’ll see how the other groups do!

6. The first round of guessing for Summer: Awesome or Bummer?  will be from the category Laid, Arrested, or Hospitalized?

5. Good morning! My name is Mr. Teachbad. Let’s get on our feet! If you know somebody who has had an abortion, come to this side of the room in front of the file cabinets; and if you don’t know anybody who’s had an abortion, come to this side of the room by the window.

4. Who can scream the loudest?

3. I can name four mental illnesses that occur at significantly higher rates in my family than in the general population. Take a minute or two to write down three fun facts about your family to share!

2. With your left hand, draw a picture of the most traumatic memory you have (lefties use your right hand). Your partner will then try to guess what it is by asking you a series of yes/no questions. After she guesses, you and your partner will act the scene out for the class.

1. Twister


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