Satire, Sarcasm and Swearing: My Journey

To close out the year, give myself a little break, and celebrate three magical years of Mr. Teachbad’s Blog of Teacher Disgruntlement, I’ve decided to post a little retrospective.

What follows are the Top Ten most-read posts from each year of Teachbad’s glorious history. I tried picking my personal favorite Top Ten, but it soon became clear that would be even more self-indulgent and time-consuming than this was. Let me know if you think I have progressed or declined.

Thanks for reading and I hope you all have a great break, enjoying friends and family.

Meanwhile, if you’re jonesing for something fresh and different, you could try this. Last week I posted this on my Facebook page:

I would like to argue that right-wing government paranoia jack-off fantasies should no longer be the most influential force in the national debate over gun control policy.

What followed was a somewhat coherent and sometimes thoughtful discussion of gun control, which was quickly swallowed up in a sea of anti-gun people calling pro-gun people stupid and pro-gun people called anti-gun people pussies. It ended, and I really wouldn’t have predicted this in the beginning, with me making a spirited defense of my pimp and wishing Merry Christmas to a hostile redneck. (If you decide to read this thread, please don’t respond to someone named King William. We don’t need him to reengage. Thank you.)

And now to the Archives:


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Principal Training Summit Video January 23 video

Dawn of The Dumbest Data or… February 02

Jesus Loves You, But Everyone Else Thinks You’re An Asshole March 4

Pure Rant March 11

Circus For Grown-Ups May 14

I Feel So Cheap and Dirty, Part I June 11

Out of a Job; In the News August 8

The “Do Now” September 30

Top 10 Reasons Teaching Sucks November 28

Teachbad Watches Waiting For Superman: Part I December 13


Waiting For Superman to Fix All These Shitty Parents January 10

Insane or Numb? Please Report February 23 guest post by Jessica Knapp

If You Build a Better Crutch, We’ll Make a Lazier Student May 1

Teacher Annoyance Survey: One Question May 10

Dear Teachers: Please Stop Being So Difficult May 17 book review

Smart Kid Hates Group Work July 23 Fake Education News

It’s Official: We’re Out of Ideas August 22

Back to School Night, Part I September 21

Teachbad and Student: A Moment September 28

Top 10 Teacher Beliefs November 26






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