Vacation-Time Distortion Equation

Hey, Everybody-

Congratulations on making it through another week and another month. Don’t start your countdown calendar yet. But it’s mighty tempting, isn’t it? It’s a little bit of a problem that Thanksgiving was early this year. That obviously makes the spread between then and the Big One longer.

Oh, so much longer…Here we are, more than a week after Thanksgiving and there’s still more than three weeks until Christmas? Really?

So we cope. Here’s something that won’t really help with that, but it’s become a bit of a tradition. I have run this equation three years in a row now. See what you think.

When there is a break coming up, the amount of time every minute seems to take, from the teachers’ perspective, is a function of how many days until the break and how days instructional days of respite the break offers. For my math homies, I suggest the following:

f(x, y) = z

Let x = the number of days remaining until the break.
Let y = the number of days of instructional respite.
Let z = the number of minutes every minute in school feels like to the teacher.

(It’s sort of like wind chill. It’s 28 degrees, but it feels like 4.)

The simple equation I have worked out is as follows:

5/x + 2(√y – 1) = z

What do you think?

Stay strong. The break is coming, even though it sometimes won’t seem like it.

Mr. Teachbad



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