A Wedding and Some Free Advice

We went to a wedding yesterday. It was two friends I used to teach with. They met at the school where we worked and found love in a hopeless place.

My wife and I don’t go to many weddings anymore. There was a long period where we went to four or five weddings every year. That gradually tapered off and faded into the current era of second weddings and bar mitzvas.

This was that rare first wedding of two good friends. Nothin’ better than that. Unless, of course, it doesn’t work out. Then it can be really terrible and awkward for everybody. But these two love each other and, maybe just as important, they really like each other as well. It’s a good thing to see.

There were about 20 former and current teachers there who we had worked with. It was great to see people and find out what they were doing. I was reminded again that there are great places to teach. A lot of my former colleagues are really happy with the schools they’ve moved to. I’m bummed I never found a school like that.

All and all I think I’m glad to be out, but I know that teaching doesn’t have to be the way it was in the poo-hole school where we all taught. I think I could have been happy teaching for a long time in the right place. As it turns out I lasted for six years and, though I liked many things about teaching, I really can’t say I liked the whole package when it was assembled.

To you out there reading who still want to give teaching a chance, get off yer asses and go find a better school. If you like the kids part and if you would enjoy planning curriculum, methods and classroom management with a reasonable amount of academic and professional freedom, there might be a school out there that’s better for you. I just talked to 12 people who found this out for themselves.

Don’t wait for where you are to get better because it probably won’t. Don’t be passive. Find a school where you want to teach and start making a plan to be there. Or make a plan to do something else. If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance you’re in your 20s or 3os. You’ve got time, but don’t waste it. Take a pay cut or move to another city. Do what you have to do. Find something you like; or fail, find something else that sucks, get back up off yer ass and try again. Now is the time for boldness and informed risk-taking.

Don’t waste your time, don’t be passive and don’t get stuck.

So anyway, the wedding was great. A lovely service, good food, good friends, open bar, music and dancing. A good time was had by all, I assume. It was a little hard to tell with the bride’s family. Most of the family had immigrated as adults from China or maybe flown in for the occasion. They seemed somewhat puzzled by our wedding traditions of disco music and crowd participation games.

They all sat at the edge of the dance floor, bags clutched in laps and coats on, staring expressionless as we pretended to be John Travolta and popped balloons with a partner without using our hands. They betrayed no emotion as we got a little bit softer now, or even when we got a little bit louder. But I knew exactly what they were thinking.

You dummies are finished. It’s amazing it’s taken this long. Go ahead. Just keep running into each other doing the Electric Slide. We’ll take care of the global economy.

To the Bride and Groom, thank you for including us in your day. We had a great time and love you both.

Mr. Teachbad

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