Fresh Awesome in the Teachbad Store!!

As mid-autumn teacher depression and anxiety finds its sweet spot, and in time for thoughtful holiday gift-giving, Mr. Teachbad is delighted to offer two BRAND NEW products to our growing line of Strictly Home-Use Teacher Gifts. Check ‘em out. I especially like the Pretty Good Teacher mug.


And then there’s this:

You can buy these and other inspiring Home-Use Teacher Gifts inside!

In addition to expanding our selection of truly amazing products, the store has also been renamed. It used to be called Teachbad’s Teacher Porn Store. From the search engine data I was receiving, it seemed likely to me that some people were ending up in the Teacher Porn Store looking for something perhaps more literal. Thus we have settled on the more literal and accurately descriptive name: Strictly Home-Use Teacher Gifts.

Look at the new stuff and check out some deals. You’ll be glad you did! And so will my wife. Our basement is full of coffee cups, boxes of magnets and squeezable teacher balls. She thinks I’ve lost my mind!

But the only thing that’s crazy around here are the DEALS you’ll find on UNIQUE, OFFENSIVE and ORIGINAL Teachbad products only available HERE!!!!!

Mr. Teachbad




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