Teachbad’s Road Trip Photos

Holy Crap.

I’ve been on a Family Road Trip for 17 days now. My wife flew home from Denver on Friday so I’ve been driving alone with the kids for three days. We’re all feeling a little punch-drunk here at the Evansville North Holiday Inn Express.

5196 miles so far. Just 600 more to DC.

I could show you pictures of Graceland, the Oklahoma City Bombing Memorial, the Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, Dinosaur National Monument in Utah, the Rocky Mountains, a family wedding in Meeker, Co., or the St. Louis Arch, which we saw just today.

But I’d like to share with you the overlooked gem we discovered yesterday. On the Great Plains of central Kansas, at around mile marker 305 on eastbound Interstate 40, is a rest stop. It looks like any other. But about 50 yards behind the rest stop we spotted a small bridge over a dry creek bed. We walked over the bridge and, hidden by trees, was a mowed path which we followed for about 200 yards.

The path took us straight to our Find of the Day!





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