Dear Readers-

As you may know, I was asked to participate in an education blog competition hosted by the California Casualty Management Company (Calcas). A very nice woman there named Abbye found my blog and selected it as an entry. As of this morning, we were handily leading in vote totals, thanks to you. As of a little later this morning, my blog was removed and eliminated from the competition.

I know what you’re thinking: Steroids.

Not this time.

It turns out that the higher ups in Abbye’s office are afraid Mr. Teachbad may offend people and ordered that I be removed from competition. The text of the letter to me about this is in the official Teachbad Notification.

This is disappointing, but the good news is that, as the clear leader at the time of my scrubbing, Calcas will still make a $200 donation to College Summit.

Abbye has been great to work with and is clearly embarrassed. Hopefully she’s not in any real trouble, but they made her fall pretty hard on her sword. I thank her for taking a risk with Mr. Teachbad. If you are so inclined, send her a note to buck her up and thank her as well. Send to mr.teachbad[at]gmail.com and I will forward to Abbye.

Having “won” the contest, I will honor my commitment to donate 20% of gross revenues from the Teachbad Store to College Summit from all purchases made through the end of June. So go buy something.

Meanwhile, I hope you are enjoying your summer and not teaching summer school because Summer School Sucks Dog Balls.

Much love,

Mr. Teachbad


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