VOTE for Teachbad and HELP SMART KIDS!!

Hello, Readers.

I have been honored to be asked to participate in the California Casualty Management Company’s best education blog competition. CCMC is an insurance company serving teachers, nurses, firefighters and cops. My participation in this competition in no way constitutes an endorsement of the State of California. Nor should it be construed as an endorsement of CCMC, their services, products, or ethics; of which I have studiously learned nothing. OK?

If I win this competition, $200 will be donated to an organization of my choice. I have selected College Summit. College Summit finds kids who have the head and the heart for college, but might not have other things they need to become truly prepared and be successful once they get there. It might be a lack of resources at school, peer support, family engagement or money. College Summit helps bridge the gap to help smart, motivated students get where they want to be.

The organization started here in Washington, DC in 1993 and now works in 11 states and the District. And get this. Don Cheadle likes them, too. He was even a spokesman. That’s right. Hotel Rwanda-Don Cheadle and Crash-Don Cheadle.

So get over there and vote for me because it’s the right thing to do.

I tried to get a job at College Summit once, but they weren’t having it. Help me stick it to them now with a $200 donation from my readers.

Here is my competition. (There are only five of us.)

Little Kinder Warriors: A Kindergarten Blog

Mrs. Will’s Kindergarten: A Place to Share and Connect

A Special Kind of Class: A special class for children with severe physical and/or speech disabilities


Drape’s Takes: Takes on the World of Education Technology

You can link to them all at the voting site. Please help me at least place ahead of the kindergarten ones.


This contest started on June 1 and goes through the end of the month. I’m already 13 days behind because, for no good reason, I didn’t tell you. But we can make it up. Let’s help smart kids and show Don Cheadle how much we care! MOBILIZE!

In fact, in an act of charitable whimsy, I will donate 10 percent of gross proceeds from purchases at the Teachbad Store to College Summit from now through June 30. If I win; 20 percent. That’s the challenge.

Thank you,

Mr. Teachbad




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