A Serious Choice

I need help. Closely examine the two images below and vote. Which of these original Teachbad designs would you rather see on a coffee mug sometime in the near future?

I know what I said. But it turns out some of you actually are just lazy and not that smart.

Coffee Cups

* Hypothetically speaking, which of the two original Teachbad images would you rather see on a coffee cup?

What are you doing for the summer?

Have a very Happy Memorial Day. You deserve it. Smell that sweet June air right around the corner…


ps — If you haven’t already, please respond to the One Question Teacher Annoyance Survey. Results will be tallied next week.

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  1. I "teach" music
    • UtzTheCrabChip
  2. guest
  3. DifferentiateTHIS!
  4. OlliOlli
  5. Knee Deep
    • Teach-22
      • I Teach in Philly
  6. Miss Friday
    • DifferentiateTHIS!
    • Teach-22
  7. ReTiredbutMisstheKids
  8. Tom
    • teachbad
  9. LAR
    • teachbad
  10. phatmhat

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