Preparing for Spring Break

I’m mulling over the book club options. Maybe unhappy teachers don’t want to read about how teaching sucks. (But then, why would you be here in the first place?) Preaching to the choir, as is were…It might be a little like a comedian I’m thinking of right now. (Maybe Lewis Black? I don’t remember.) The gist of it was that Christians are crazy to wear crosses around their necks. What is the last thing that Jesus might want to be reminded of as he decides whether or not to come back to Earth?

It could be a cross. You have to put yourself in other people’s shoes. Empathy.

Anyway…I will work on the book club format. My initial thought is that I will provide a thoughtful and comprehensive review of the book and then people can weigh in even if they haven’t had time or money to buy the book and read it. Believe me, I know what both of those are like. So don’t sweat it. But if we can get these authors a couple of sales, all the better.

I will announce a new book after spring break.

Meanwhile, here’s what I got:

1) Once in a while on this blog I mention people who have taught me and guided me and supported me in strange and hostile places. On the very top of that list is a man named Cosby Hunt. He is a teacher’s teacher; as any teacher who knows him will tell you. He is also simply one of the best people I have ever met. Last week he wrote this about Trayvon Martin for NPR;

2) On Tuesday night I participated in an internet radio show called Two Male Jewish Elementary School Teachers Talk About Shit. I’m not Jewish, so…sorry about that. But me and these two Jews and one other guy named Shaun Johnson, professor at Towson University in Maryland, had a long and great conversation about education…it’s about 2 hours. So you won’t be able to just click and listen to the whole thing at work…unless you have a really awesome job. But you would figure that out on your own. It’s full of digression and profanity. This is more of a while I’m cleaning my apartment sort of listen. Maybe a road trip. See what you think. It was hosted by Teacher Rich a.k.a. Peter Zucker, The Frustrated Teacher (TFT) who was way on top of it by posting a video of Earl Scruggs and Steve Martin playing banjo. The other Jew was Peter Zucker a.k.a South Bronx School.

3) I will see you on the other side of Spring Break. I’m working on a new video that should be ready by the time we get back. Meanwhile, from the archives, here is the Spring Break post from 2011. To be honest, I was a little offended when I read it. So use caution. But in general, I recommend the Fake Education News.

Happy Spring Break to All! You’re the best.

Mr. Teachbad


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