Inaugural Teachbad Book Club Eventacular

I am delighted to kick off the Teachbad Book Club with our very first book, Why Great Teachers Quit and How We Might Stop the Exodus (2010) by Katy Farber. The author has graciously agreed to participate in our discussion. Ms. Farber welcomes and invites you:

Thanks for hosting this book club, Peter. I hope your readers find the book helpful, validating, and motivating. Mostly, I hope they find that it gives voice to the real concerns of teachers today. My goal is to work to make teaching more sustainable, more humane, and more empowering. Maybe that would put Teachbad out of business!

But truly, we’ve got to find ways to preserve our creativity, our passion, and our voice in teaching. Too many teachers quit, or stay when they are drained by the system. No other educational “reform” will work one iota if we don’t address teacher sustainability.

What are your ideas, readers? How do you think schools, states, and our country could make teaching more sustainable and humane?

Here are some questions that might get us started:
1) As an individual, can you isolate any of the annoyances well-described in the book (parents, testing, time, student behavior, administrators, etc.) as the one that drives you most crazy? Or that really isn’t a problem for you? Why?
2) Is there any big thing that Farber left out or might have explored more deeply?
3) This book came out in 2010, so I assume it was mostly written in 2008/09. Last week a Met Life teacher survey came out showing that teacher satisfaction has plummeted in the last two years…after Farber’s book came out. As Larry King would say: Whadaya make of that?


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