Teachbad Survey Results and Contest

Wow…it’s been quite a week. I’ve been dealing with some weird family stuff that has taken a surprising amount of my attention. I’ll spare you the details, but let’s just say that everybody isn’t not crazy.

Anyway, we have business, you and I.

First Item: The Inaugural Mr. Teachbad’s Official Teachbad Book Club Eventacular Discussion Series (MTOTBCEDS) will kick off next Wednesday, March 14, 2012. The plan is for everybody in America to read the book Why Great Teachers Quit and How We Might Stop the Exodus by Katy Farber. Buy it. There is still time. The original post about MTOTBCEDS is here.

We will discuss the book in a civil fashion and hopefully the author will chime in.

Second Item: A while back I gave you a survey. I am now prepared to announce the results of the survey and sponsor a contest. The winner of the contest will receive one Teachbad Gift Basket to include one full set of teacher therapy magnets, two squeezable teacher balls, and one “Teaching Kinda Sucks” coffee cup.

The challenge is to write the best news story about the results of the survey. They might be modeled on Fake Education News, but need not be. Leave stories as comments or send them directly to me at mr.teachbad@gmail.com.

Here are the survey results, (from November) most of which must be included in your story:

1) Who will be the Republican nominee for president?
Mitt Romney: 42%
Herman Cain: 21%
Newt Gingrich: 17%
Rick Perry: 7%
John Huntsman: 3%
Rick Santorum: 1%
Ron Paul: 8%
Michele Bachmann: 1%

If you could choose one Superpower, what would it be?
Eye in back of head: 3%
Telling future (up to 36 hours): 16%
Invisibility: 30%
Flying: 33%
Super Strength: 8%
Awesome Parallel Parking: 4%
Make Anything Catch Fire: 5%
Hold breath for an hour: Less than 1%

How many cups of coffee do you drink every day?
None: 29%
1-2: 33%
3-5: 26%
5+: 12%

I also asked people about the best books and music they had consumed in the past 12 months. Here is your list of books. Here is your best music.

So, to reiterate, the contest is to write a news story reporting on the findings of the survey of teachers.

Third Item: Media-wise, we’ve recently made some huge advances in the Teachbad household. We moved to DC in 1999 and bought a TV. It was one of the first flat screen TVs, but it’s about 3-feet deep and weighs 200 lbs. It sits on this shitty IKEA stand and I always wonder if the TV will crush the stand. Constant fear and anxiety.

So, 12 years later, because our TV won’t stop working, we bought a new TV. It’s AWESOME! Giant. Clear. Light. Hangs on the wall.

But we can’t figure out our cable anymore. On Super Tuesday I had a real hard time with not being able to watch CNN and see John King run around like a little girl touching all his screens.

The problem, and the great thing, is the ROKU. Let me say, ROKU is awesome. It’s a little box you buy at Target and it hooks into most of what you want to watch as far as movies and TV shows. You just click on any show you want and watch it. But I can’t get my regular cable to work. My son was sick yesterday and we watched Terminator. I got to tell him all of my interesting thoughts about post-apocalyptic dystopian fiction. ON DEMAND!

It’s like 7.99/month for the whole streaming Netflix suite, Angry Birds and all sorts of other stuff. I don’t really understand it and I’m not trying to be a commercial. But I do think it’s cool. For instance, in the last two weeks I have come to believe the Bryan Cranston is the best person on Earth. Cranston was the dad in Malcolm in the Middle. I was tangentially aware of this show when it was on, but watching it a decade later when I have kids is priceless. And the kids like it, too. At this moment, Malcolm in the Middle is the only thing in the whole world that all of us agree on.

Cranston is also the star of Breaking Bad. My wife and I started watching this show last week. If you liked The Wire or Hill Street Blues, you’ll like this.

Fourth Item: This is something I’ve not been able to stop watching for about two weeks.

Mr. Teachbad

71 degrees in DC…it’s nice but you have to wonder if we’re going to get mosquitoes in April.


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