Arne Duncan: Windbag or Douchebag?

Last night I watched Jon Stewart’s interview with Secretary of Education Arne Duncan.
And it was just terrible. Here is the link. He is the caricature of a crazy, zero independent thought, Washington, DC TalkingPoint Man. It’s amazing how far that and an Ivy League degree can get you.

Though she has stopped returning my calls, I still consider Valerie Strauss my girlfriend and she had a great summary of the interview.

But after letting the disgust from the initial interview pass, and after reminding myself that this guy is the education guy for a president I really like; here are my questions:

How engaged with education policy do you really think Obama is? Does he even know that Duncan was on The Daily Show last night? Does he care?

Can the growing displeasure of teachers with Duncan be used in a way that matters? Or are we stuck with the Duncan Puppet dancing for the amusement of Rhee and Gates for the next five years as our best-case scenario?

Just moments ago I joined Dump Duncan on Facebook. You should, too.

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