Transitions for Teachbad

Hi, Everybody-

I hope you are feeling well and doing good.

This is a general housekeeping sort of post, so forgive me. But read it. Forgive me; then read it.

The website is undergoing a pretty thorough renovation. Much will change as I try to keep the rest the same.

1) The biggest change is that the Store and the blog will now be on the same site. The store will become much more attractive, remain just as safe, and have additional products in a few weeks or so. Meanwhile, the “old” store still works and is safe to use.

2) IMPORTANT!!!!!!! If there is anything about this site that makes it difficult to use and navigate, PLEASE let me know. I’m talking about comments, subscriptions, moving around…I want to make it easy and pleasant so please send your feedback either as a comment or to me: (For example, someone told me that making a comment takes longer now. How do you find it compared to what it was or other websites?)

3) Because I am not sure the “Comments” function has been working, I have extended the Photo Caption contest until Friday, 11/04. The object of the contest is to create the most insightful or offensive caption to the photo from this post.

The WINNER will receive one set of Teachbad’s custom Therapy Magnets for Teachers.

Thanks for playing and thanks for reading. We’ll be looking to put out a new video about “Struggling Students” in the next few days or so.

Mr. Teachbad


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