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Sometimes there just isn’t much to say. This is one of those times.

CONTEST has been won by Cynthia Sloan. Her winning submission is the NEW title for this post. Good job, Cynthia!

Because the above photo is so classically and uncompromisingly ironic and sad, I would very much like for people to submit funny or otherwise insightful captions. The winner will receive a complimentary set of Teachbad Therapy Magnets. These are great fun and they are also available for purchase at the store.

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Background: This is where I got my first teaching job. It’s also my neighborhood elementary school in northeast Washington, DC, three blocks from my house. I kept hoping they would change the sign. Eventually I took a picture of it so that it might stop haunting me.

I worked there for two years and it nearly killed me. There is no way I was ready for that job. I mean that seriously. There is no way I should have been allowed to just become a teacher there because I had a BA and no prior child pornography convictions.

Anyway, the whole point of this is the nickname I do not have.

While teaching at Noyes, I was the only white person in the entire building. I thought my nickname should have been White Noyes. I kept waiting for somebody else to think of it because I don’t think you are supposed to give yourself your own nickname. It’s bad luck. (I believe there is a Chinese proverb about this, or it could be something from Leviticus.)

Furthermore, the other elementary school in the neighborhood was called Slowe. (It has since been closed and its space charterized.) So, we had Noyes and Slowe; about 8 blocks away from each other. I think that’s pretty funny.

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