The March

This past Saturday I attended the Save our Schools (SOS) March in DC. It was great. It wasn’t a bagillion people, but it was a good crowd of several thousand, clearly very dedicated and/or pissed off educators. The general vibe was clear. Public education is on the wrong track, not just drastically, but spastically as well. There seems to be a knee-jerk reaction that any reform that anybody has enough money to propose and propagate is the Right Thing To Do.

All you have to do is claim that your plan includes Accountability for Teachers and that it Puts Children First. Done and Done.

I won’t launch into a diatribe here because I’m in a good mood. It was great to see so many people I’ve only met before online and to listen to so many of my heroes speak in person.

First, thank you to all of the people who recognized the Teachbad shirt I had just made that morning with my children. I can’t tell you what a thrill it was to hear people yell out “TEACHBAD!!” Thanks for that.

I also want to say that it was a pleasure to meet Roxanna Elden in person. She introduced me to a fine man named Gary Rubinstein.
I also found a friend I taught with a couple of years ago. His name is James Boutin and his blog is here. Read it.

Otherwise, it was great to see people I don’t know personally, but idolize, like Diane Ravitch, Deborah Meier, Jonathan Kozol and Jose Vinson. And get this…Matt Damon was there. Everybody was worried it was going to be Ben Affleck. So, we dodged a bullet there. (JK, Ben…you know I love you.)

Sadly, I forgot to bring a camera. So here are some pictures taken a couple days after the fact at my house.

1) The metal plate necklace I wore around my neck. Incidentally, the complete 400-word magnet set is available for purchase at the unofficially open Teachbad Store.

2) Here is a picture of the shirt I made.

3) Here is my dog.


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