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Teachbad and Jay Mathews: Part 2

To fully appreciate this post, you should probably take a quick look at the last post if you have not already. This is the continuation of a dialogue between myself and Jay Mathews, education writer at the Washington Post, about the school where I formerly taught, Columbia Heights Education Campus(CHEC). (I promise the next post in this blog will mark a return to the offensive silliness at which it most excels.) Jay Mathews: Thanks Peter. This makes some sense in isolation. You make a Read more [...]

Teachbad and Jay Mathews: Part I

Happy Back to School time to everybody. I’m sorry. Do you know what you need? A good read and some magnets. Last week Jay Mathews at the Washington Post ran a piece, not exactly about me, but using me as an example in order to propose an argument. It was called Maybe Schools Shouldn’t Work As Teams. The summary is that Mathews believes school principals should be like general managers of baseball teams. Principals should be able to get rid of people at will if they aren’t working out Read more [...]

Out of a Job; In the News

The jig is up The news is out They finally found me The Renegade who had it made Retrieved for the bounty Nevermore to go astray This’ll be the end today Of the wanted man That’s how Mr. Teachbad feels today. But tomorrow is a new day. And in about two weeks, teachers will be getting ready for stupid meetings. And they will be hoping their word walls are in the right place, with the right words. And teaching will still be judged by them as a pretty crappy, thankless job. For hundreds Read more [...]

The March

This past Saturday I attended the Save our Schools (SOS) March in DC. It was great. It wasn’t a bagillion people, but it was a good crowd of several thousand, clearly very dedicated and/or pissed off educators. The general vibe was clear. Public education is on the wrong track, not just drastically, but spastically as well. There seems to be a knee-jerk reaction that any reform that anybody has enough money to propose and propagate is the Right Thing To Do. All you have to do is claim that your Read more [...]