MR. TEACHBAD will be there. Will you?


Yes, you…weeding your garden.

You…on the beach.

You…playing with your children.

You…drinking Bloody Marys at lunch.

You…trying to find a cheap flight to San Diego.

You…looking for a job.

You…at your dad’s house.

You…working on your curriculum.

You…hiding in the corner.

It’s time for all y’all to get up off your asses. If you are a teacher, you must know that your profession is undergoing a sustained, well-financed, heavy assault. The purpose of this assault is to turn you into a teaching robot, to deprofessionalize what you do, and to take the “public” out of public education.

You are now responsible for correcting that which sub-par parents and neighborhoods have done and left undone. HOWEVER…you must NEVER refer to any of these home or neighborhood factors…EVER. It is up to you to wash away the impediments imposed upon children.

This is my personal take based on the populatiuon and administrators I have dealt with. But there are a great many more problems in public education.

There is a giant national discussion about testing. There is a sub-discussion about what the testing craze has done to teaching.

And in all of these discussions, where the decisions are made, you would be lucky to find one teacher. We are not included.

If any of this interests you, please come to the Save Our Schools March in Washington, DC. I believe this will be a first in American politics and education. If we get a lot of people there, it will help us build our microphone.

The American education system is at a crossroads. The verdict on NCLB is dribbling in….it doesn’t look good. But the implication seems to be that more pressure must be put on teachers in order to make NCLB work. We have to fight this.

If this whole system of education has begun to look like something you didn’t sign up for when you wanted to be a teacher, please see if you can be in DC at the end of July. There are a number of events, speakers, conferences and marches. I will leave it to you to navigate the activities as set forth by the organizers.

But if I could summarize, there will be a two-day conference starting on July 28-29. This conference features two giants who have personally, if unknowingly, steered my career. Jonathon Kozol has written a number of books about public education in America, especially about public education as experienced by low-income and minority populations. He is one of the reasons I started teaching.

There is also my girlfriend, Diane Ravitch. She’s the best. She helped me to see why I hated teaching after that bastard Kozol drew me in. Then there will be a march from somewhere to the Dept of Education I think on the 30th.

Anyway, they will both be there. Check out the link and the dates. Come if you can. Learn something. Show support. Make some friends.

Mr. Teachbad


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