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Dear May: I Know Your Tricks

It’s finally the end of April. Happy Friday and good riddance to another month. Now comes May. Pretty cool, right? Almost done. But listen, Month of May…get outta my face. You suck. You think you are so great: Hey, Teachers…look at me. I’m MAY!! I’m not like Dickhead March who’s cold, but can never seem to muster up a snow day. And I’m way better than Moody April who will be sunny during the week and then piss cold rain on you all weekend. No, that’s not me. I’m different. I’m what you Read more [...]

A Funny Thing Happened At Work Today

I liked my job. This was highly unlikely because it was the first day back after spring break. I have been nuturing a pit of bitter anxiety about this day. It had been growing in my stomach, honestly, since before spring break even started. I would think to myself: it will be so awesome to be on spring break; no kids, administrators, lesson plans, etc. for 11 days. But then, before that thought had really had a chance to develop and come into its own; and before I really had a chance to revel Read more [...]

Teachers Still In Favor Of Spring Break

FAKE EDUCATION NEWS -Everywhere, USA Spring Break balances that most delicate of…balances. Here, in America, most of us believe in the separation of church and state. Is Spring Break really about a “break”? Or is it some Overlord Christian Imperialist Double-Cheeseburger trying to convince you to eat those awful little marshmallow chickens and buy more fake plastic grass because Jesus has risen; probably all as backdrop to the United Egg Producers plan to rule the world? Or is it some sort Read more [...]

Geography of School

There is something that has been pissing me off all year…and I thought I knew what it was. It was right there, in front of me all year. Sort of. And I sort of sensed it. But I didn’t really get it until last week. And it’s not what you think it’s going to be; the regular cocktail of assholes, dummies and meetings. It wasn’t dummies at meetings. It wasn’t assholes sending me emails about meetings. It wasn’t feeling like an asshole or a dummy because I actually came to this meeting. It wasn’t Read more [...]

Roxanna Elden: Your Friend and Mine

There is a magical book called See Me After Class: Advice for Teachers, by Teachers. The author is Roxanna Elden. (Disclosure: I do not know Ms. Elden personally. I receive no commissions, etc. I just like her book.) Elden has been teaching for a long time. She is an experienced and highly accomplished teacher. You can read about Roxanna and her work and BUY THE BOOK on her website. Reading this book, I immediately felt I had a sense of the author and that, as a teacher, she was on my side. She Read more [...]