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Teacher Loses It

FAKE EDUCATION NEWS –Nashville, TN Today started out as a perfectly normal workday for Davis Daniels, a 37-year-old third-grade teacher at Haywood Elementary School in Nashville, Tennessee. And it stayed pretty much just that way. Normal. But today, inexplicably, “perfectly normal” was just too fucking much for Mr. Daniels. Restrained in a straight jacket at the Vanderbilt Psychiatric Facility, Mr. Daniels takes a long drag from a cigarette held by his nine-year old son, Donald. “I can’t explain Read more [...]

Pure Rant

Holy Crap… Does it get worse every year, or have I changed? I teach seniors. I teach nine week classes on a block schedule. Every nine weeks, I get a new load of 16-25 year olds that I see for 85 minutes every day. (Serious…I had a 25-year-old this year.) It’s only nine weeks, but that’s still a lot of time to hang with lazy-ass chatty and the crew. The third batch, from the third quarter, is wrapping up tomorrow. They have to pass my class in order to graduate. Many haven’t given a shit Read more [...]

Do I Have to be a “Great” Teacher?

Be forwarned: This post is all over the place. But, for what it’s worth, it accurately reflects my mental state. And that’s all I can do. God help us. Question: What do you call the guy who finished medical school at the bottom of his class? Answer: Doctor What is it with all of us teachers suddenly having to be “great”? Where I come from, I was taught not to show off. The ultimate goal for we Midwesterners was always understood to be “quiet adequacy.” What if I am content to be “pretty Read more [...]

Sage Advice From Teachbad

Dear Mr. Teachbad, I am being told to add in two weeks of remediation without changing the curriculum. I have tried to point out that adding in 2 weeks of work will result in losing 2 weeks of work from the end of the curriculum…I am being labeled a troublemaker for pointing out this nicety. Other teachers who have been included in this edict are telling me off. How could I possibly say that this is changing the curriculum? Am I mad? Crazedmummy Dear Crazed: I don’t get why the other teachers Read more [...]

Teachbad Gives Himself a Pass

Hi, Folks. Look, I’ve been out of commission for several days and am just barely starting to get my poop in a group now. I’m swamped. So, rather than go dark, I decided to pull up a couple of posts from back when only me and an English teacher down the hall were reading this blog. These take us all the way back to January of ’10. This is back when I used to start each post with an original Teachbad Poem. We’ve got Technocracy and the School Without a Soul and Technocracy and the School Without Read more [...]

Jesus Loves You, But Everyone Else Thinks You’re An Asshole

That’s sort of how I feel. After all day with administrators wanting their data standards assessment profile action plans and students asking dumb-ass questions about work they are not going to do, you’d think we’d get some love on the outside. But no. I’m not sure where to start. For at least a few years now the drumbeat of “we have to get rid of bad teachers” has been getting louder. (Nevermind the complexities of defining what a good or a bad teacher is.) In recent days the drumbeat has become Read more [...]

Say There, Might You Have Any More Data?

Here’s why I ask. I don’t seem to have enough. Even though I haven’t even begun to analyze all the data I have, or even think about whether or not it is useful, I feel compelled to keep collecting more. Have you ever seen that show Hoarders? It’s a little like that. But we do it for the children. It’s not for us or making the school look good. This is for the kids. And making them look good. So that we look good. You feel me? That was me, in italics, trying to get into the heads of my admin in Read more [...]