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Teacher Loses It

FAKE EDUCATION NEWS –Nashville, TN Today started out as a perfectly normal workday for Davis Daniels, a 37-year-old third-grade teacher at Haywood Elementary School in Nashville, Tennessee. And it stayed pretty much just that way. Normal. But today, inexplicably, “perfectly … Continue reading

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Pure Rant

Holy Crap… Does it get worse every year, or have I changed? I teach seniors. I teach nine week classes on a block schedule. Every nine weeks, I get a new load of 16-25 year olds that I see for … Continue reading

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Do I Have to be a “Great” Teacher?

Be forwarned: This post is all over the place. But, for what it’s worth, it accurately reflects my mental state. And that’s all I can do. God help us. Question: What do you call the guy who finished medical school … Continue reading

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Sage Advice From Teachbad

Dear Mr. Teachbad, I am being told to add in two weeks of remediation without changing the curriculum. I have tried to point out that adding in 2 weeks of work will result in losing 2 weeks of work from … Continue reading

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Teachbad Gives Himself a Pass

Hi, Folks. Look, I’ve been out of commission for several days and am just barely starting to get my poop in a group now. I’m swamped. So, rather than go dark, I decided to pull up a couple of posts … Continue reading

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Jesus Loves You, But Everyone Else Thinks You’re An Asshole

That’s sort of how I feel. After all day with administrators wanting their data standards assessment profile action plans and students asking dumb-ass questions about work they are not going to do, you’d think we’d get some love on the … Continue reading

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Say There, Might You Have Any More Data?

Here’s why I ask. I don’t seem to have enough. Even though I haven’t even begun to analyze all the data I have, or even think about whether or not it is useful, I feel compelled to keep collecting more. … Continue reading

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