Principal Training Summit Video

Rare, undercover footage from a principals’ retreat in Omaha last month…

Mr. Teachbad

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21 Responses to Principal Training Summit Video

  1. teacher? says:

    can I get an AMEN?! LOVE IT!

  2. rantingwoman says:

    I’ll second that amen!

  3. The Principal says:

    Ok, Teachbad, now you have really done it. I was at that meeting and didn’t see you there making this video, so now I’m afraid that you will have to be “eliminated” and the internet scrubbed of this video. It’s for your own good and to protect administrators everywhere.

  4. coledude21 says:

    Wow!! I did not think others had this same problem!! This is so fitting for our school and the person that is to be leading us!!

  5. TLC says:

    Paperclips and a tote bag? Wow! That totally trumps the rock in a box (that said “Teachers Rock” on it ) I got last year!!! I had some spectacular ideas on how to use the rock, but they all would’ve gotten me in trouble! ;)

  6. gilda says:

    I wasn’t invited to this conference, but it is obvious that my principal was. And has the totebag to prove it.

  7. Grace says:

    Awww, is it really that bad everywhere? I am in school to become a high school teacher, haha. I can’t wait to see if I can deal with it. Hilarious video, I just had to show it to all of my friends!

    • Dsnider says:

      What up Grace… My advise is to not go into teaching… Seriously. I’m in my third and final year and I really any recommend it for everyone… Seriously… Do something else

    • Teacher of the F-ing Year says:

      It’s never boring and if you treat the whole thing like a dadaist experience, you’ll be fine. It can be fun! Find out what the kids really need to know, teach that, and if they’re alive at the end of the day nobody will really care if your word wall is interactive or not. Well, they ‘ll care but if you refuse to care then they’ll give up and move on to some other, softer and less resistant occupant of the building.

      • mrteachbad says:

        This is insightful. And you are right. There are so many requirements that VPs have to select targets and focus on them. At the moment, I am a target. Due to my chronic noncompliance with a number of directives, I must now submit full-blown lesson plans to my VP. She’s OK. So I’ll play it out for a while.

      • I think I love you. It took me 1.5 years (including 6 months of totally abstract reform dysfunction) to realize this.

  8. Dale says:

    Tote bag with paperclips…rock in a box….last year we got a cheesy picture frame (imprinted with pithy school expressions like “Strive to Excel” and “Achieve Excellence”) COMPLETE with a picture of our dear Principal. Where do they FIND these people?

    • Guy says:

      Ours is “Master the Possibilities”

    • Casey says:

      hmmm. . . . we got a coupon book that the school had sold as a fund raiser. The funny thing is that most teachers had already purchased a coupon book themselves to support the school. A lot of thought (NOT) must have gone into that!

  9. [email protected] says:

    You are too funny! I love your videos. They provide much comic release from the everyday absurdity of the life of a teacher, Thank you! Keep em coming!

  10. Orion Pax says:

    Hey, let’s not blame the administrators. It is the lousy politicians and multi-billionaires who don’t know crap about education that’s really hurting teachers today. The administrators are just trying their best to ….to….AWWW, what the hell….blame them all for this stupid lame stuff. If Administrators at the Superintendent levels were to say no to all this stuff, we might have a chance to not lose our precious kids and sanity.

  11. Directives that contradict one another make my day. They assure me that the barrier surrounding admin’s office thickened by a lack of critical thinking has not been breached. AMEN!

  12. Teacher2 says:

    Hahaha. Too funny so I must share lol.

  13. Nikki says:

    Excellent reporting. Maybe next time you can infiltrate the Administration class where all administrators are taught to lie with straight faces and say utter bullshit as if they actually believe that it’s true.

  14. Two Cents says:

    Great media coverage Mr. T. I wasn’t at your particular meeting, but I believe every minute of it. I also think most of us have witnessed this meeting:

  15. Rebekah says:

    This video had my husband and I laughing hysterically!!! It is so very true! Thanks for the relief from the pressure and stress through laughter. :)

    I personally believe that the politicians, administrators, and all their minions have all been to the same meetings/conventions/workshops… and all had the same drink – Koolaid! My new motto when I go to the stupid PD’s, meetings, PLC’s, and whatever else they call them- “Don’t drink the Koolaid!”

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