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When Truth Sneaks Up On You

It was a Tuesday just like any other. It wasn’t quite Wednesday, but at least it wasn’t Monday anymore. I walk into the 8:00am small learning team community cluster group meeting and take my seat. I don’t remember today specifically, but I probably sigh heavily as I sit down. The meeting has already started. Someone passes me the sign-in sheet. I sign in. Today we are talking about data. Everyone reports out how many A, B, C, D and Fs they gave in the first quarter. It turns out that a huge Read more [...]

OK…Break’s Over

Hi, Everyone- I’ve taken a little time off…visited the family last week for Thanksgiving and all. It was good. We road tripped. 1200 miles there. 1200 miles back. Mom and dad in the front. Kids in the back. The all-American yelling and fighting extravaganza. Just like with my parents with these small differences: 1) We have seatbelts; 2) A lot less cigarette smoke; and 3) Let the name of the Lord be praised!!!!!…..We have a DVD player. Without this, there would certainly have been some deaths. Highlights: 1) Read more [...]

The First Wall

I have hit it: The First Wall. I feel like crap. Don’t care. Watching the clock. Starting to look for my first second wind about now. It’s that first time of the year when I just get tired and ornery. And I feel like my time is short and I have seen these movies before. The kid who hasn’t been here in two weeks suddenly walks in. He’s all smiles. Doesn’t give a fuck. Sits down and goes to sleep. Really? What exactly am I supposed to do with that? How about this…I will tell you what you need Read more [...]

Video: Teachbad’s Care and Feeding of Rubrics

The care and feeding of rubrics. For you… With love from, Mr. Teachbad And remeber…Mr. Teachbad is now on Facebook. Want to be friends?

WARNING: This Is A Lazy Post

Nothing here is new except for these first few sentences of introduction. Context: This is a little article posted on a site called It is an anti-labor blahg. (Did I just coin a phrase?) It is dedicated to trashing organized labor. The article I have reprinted was written by a fellow named Sonny Bunch whose full time job, as far as I can tell, is movie critic for something called The Washington Times. (Never heard of it.) In his spare time, Mr. Bunch is also an expert commentator Read more [...]

Biology Teacher Running Low on Toner

FAKE EDUCATION NEWS Juneau, AK- Christine Worthington, tenth grade biology teacher at Yaaḵoosgé Daakahídi Alternative High School in Juneau, Alaska, is getting nervous about toner. And sources say she should. With state-wide budget cuts and her general proclivity to be disorganized, Worthington may be in a bit of a pickle. Worthington confesses to routinely printing readings, worksheets and other handouts for the whole class from her classroom laser printer. “I know it’s not sustainable and Read more [...]

Does Teaching Make Me a Worse Parent?

…Or Vice Versa? I really don’t know. I used to think that being a teacher and having been through teacher training stuff and a masters program would make me a better parent as far as being aware of developmental guideposts and helping with homework and things like that. Oh…and of course asking higher order thinking questions and having more rigorous conversations at dinner. And all that is true and I can think of many examples when it has come in handy. But there is a dark side to this. Read more [...]