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Halloween Differentiation Words

Here is a big part of the motivation for the differentiation video. (And thanks to everybody who watched it. There will be more.) There was an article in Education Week last month by Mike Schmoker called When Pedagogic Fads Trump … Continue reading

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Teachbad Differentiation Video

I was so inspired by the video somebody sent me last week that I had to try it myself. It’s official. Mr. Teachbad now has his own YouTube channel. Learn. Enjoy. Go forth and teach. Mr. Teachbad

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I Was a Shittier Teacher This Week

Every so often I will get a little concerned that I may run out of things to write on this blog. I mean, how much could there be to say about the ludicrousness of teaching? But every time I think … Continue reading

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Teachbad Answers

Hello. It’s Mr Teachbad. A few days ago we began a new feature here at Teachbad Industries called Ask Mr. Teachbad. It’s an advice column for teachers. We have received many very good questions. This is the first installment of … Continue reading

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NEW!!!: Ask Mr. Teachbad

Mr. Teachbad is attempting to capitalize on the long-standing tradition of the advice column. I am inspired most, of course, by Miss Manners. Then there was the dynamic duo of Dear Abby (now written by her daughter)and Ann Landers (they … Continue reading

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How Many Hours Should I Work?

I spend 26 hours per week in class, including monitoring and greeting during passing periods, and in mandatory meetings of the utmost importance. (First, let’s not minimize the physical and pychological toll it takes to be “on” that much, especially … Continue reading

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Teacher Finally Apologizes: “Achievement Gap My Fault”

FAKE EDUCATION NEWS Indianapolis, IN Trent Jakob, eighth grade Earth sciences teacher, was surrounded by family and friends as he tearfully spoke to reporters this morning in front of the Andrew J. Brown Academy Middle School in Indianapolis, IN. After … Continue reading

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Don’t Worry…We Have a Protocol For That

My school is very big on routines and protocols and has a general soul-crushing fetish with doing everything, and then more things, in the prescribed manner and documenting these things on the necessary forms to be logged in their proper … Continue reading

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