Credit Where Credit Is Due

I am happy to announce that the administration of my school has relaxed a most cumbersome element of the student dress code. From now on, boys will not have to tuck in their shirts. (Girls never had to for some reason never explained.)

This is great news and a significant concession to common sense. We teachers spent a great deal of time (well, not me) telling boys to tuck in there shirts. Nobody ever seemed quite sure why we did this. We just did. (Again, not me.)

I truly want to give the admin big props for changing a policy that was just not working in the sense that it took up a lot of teacher time, created a lot of strife, and had no clear relationship to anything that had to do with learning. The odd thing is that I learned about this policy change at a party at somebody’s house who doesn’t even work there anymore. I had noticed that shirts were curiously untucked, especially for the first week, and was happy to just let it roll. As far as I can tell there was no official communication about this policy change. We would just firgure it out.

I’m glad they changed the rule. All I’m saying, and maybe they’ll do it at some future meeting, is it would have been nice to hear them say “That just wasn’t working and we’ve decided to change it because it was wasting a lot of time.”

But the shirts was nothing compared to this freaky charter school I taught at for one year. The principal there had a black shoe fetish. That’s all I can guess. He would make everybody were black shoes. If a kid showed up with black shoes that had a small white stripe, they would make him put electrical tape over the stripe.

C’mon, Garrett…Really?

Mr. Teachbad


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