Parents To Teachers: “Thanks For Raising Our Kids”


Fresno, CA-

Across America this week, small groups of parents and legal guardians have shown an outpouring of support for teachers during National Teacher Appreciation Week. Their numbers have been bolstered by a small, but enthusiastic handful of absentee fathers. At last count, nine absentee fathers had participated in events nationwide, though organizers put the number closer to 20.

Here at Terronez Middle School in Fresno, California, seven parents turned out to support the teachers. Local chapter president, vice president, secretary and treasurer of Our Kids Are Yours (OKAY), Janelle McGuire, says that, “In this day and age it’s just great to have somebody else to instill basic values in our children for us. I mean, we didn’t go to school for this. Let somebody with qualifications handle it. It just makes sense.”

Rallies around the country have drawn as many as a dozen people at a time to show support for teachers. U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan released a statement in praise of teachers on their special day. In part it said:

“As Americans we have come to accept that large swaths of our society have abdicated their responsibility for instilling any common sense system of values or basic notions of right and wrong in their children. This has created a tremendous opportunity for teachers to step up to the plate and deliver not only high quality instruction in their content areas but high quality instruction in basic civility, respect for self and others, the value of effort and work, common manners, nutrition, hygiene, and a host of other crucial attitudes and behaviors that for millions of years have typically been provided by parents…Whether you are the millionaire parent of an alcoholic homicidal lacrosse player in Virginia or a 35-year-old grandmother on the South Side of Chicago, you rely on teachers. So, go ahead, give ‘em a hug.”

It seems fair to say that teachers everywhere have been basking in glory, respect and appreciation all week.

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6 Responses to Parents To Teachers: “Thanks For Raising Our Kids”

  1. teacher says:

    Well this is exactly the point. Teachers are expected to be parents to 120 kids while the parents (many of them single mothers) can’t manage their 1 or 2 kids? Do they realize how difficult the job of a teacher is?

    • Teacher2 says:

      I don’t think people do realize how hard it is being a teacher. I read this article awhile ago. It was on another teacher rant site. I won’t believe what I read!!!! I am an art teacher of grades k-12. I see mostly all the grades. Very hard. And most of my classes are combined. So I have not one but 5 ADHD kids in one room. Very stressful. So me having to teach art and also teach kids morals is too much for me. I don’t even have kids of my own so to have to teach other peoples kids to not throw things across the room is too much.

  2. Teacher of the F-ing Year says:

    The stay-at-home mother of one of my students actually said in a parent meeting that she didn’t have time to check her child’s online grades and couldn’t we just call her every day. The English teacher had to be physically restrained from lunging across the table.

  3. sunshine14 says:

    I love the 35 year old grandmother part.

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