Do You Like Fridays?

Never known a group
To fetishize the Friday
So much as teachers
Always to one another
Of its nearness we must speak

I think everybody who works some sort of basic Monday through Friday job appreciates Friday. It’s the last day of the work week. When it’s over you get two days off. That’s not hard to understand. If you’re the president or you work at a movie theatre or a bar or something like that, it’s different. But Friday holds a special place in most of our hearts.

Teachers have taken this to the next level. For us, it is sacred. Without this to look forward to every week, we would be utterly lost and despondent. And many of us simply wouldn’t have anything to talk about. How many days is it until Friday? Inevitably somebody will, unprompted, offer this information to me every day. If not a specific number, as in informing me on a Wednesday that it is two days until Friday, I can infer or at least glean a general sense from comments like “it’s almost Friday” (it is Thursday; one day) or “it’s a long way from Friday” (it is Monday or Tuesday; three or four days).

Why do we do this? Surprise! Because this is sort of a crappy job and we like to be away from it. (Surprise again! Most of us work on Saturday and Sunday, too. I, myself, am now taking a break from writing quizzes while my wife is out having fun with our kids. Yeah!)

But this is NOTHING compared to the unbridled giddiness that will sweep over us after spring break and as the year draws to a close. The danger here is starting your own personal year-end countdown too early. You really want to keep you mind focused on the Friday’s until there is no more than maybe 5 weeks left. Otherwise you’ll drive yourself crazy. I once started my year-end countdown in November, with disastrous results.

Teachbad Challenge: Commit to not making any unprompted comments about the proximity or awesome qualities of Friday this week. But keep track of those you hear around you.

And, hey, it’s only five days ’til Friday!

Mr. Teachbad


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