More Fat Kids

Fat kids’ PDA
Like baked potatoes fighting
Over the butter

This poem is dedicated to my favorite obese boyfriend and girlfriend at school. They can often be seen waddling the halls together, sausage fingers locked linked (yeah, that’s funnier); or in a deep embrace, each pair of chubby little arms trying to complete its lover’s circumference. One time I saw them walking to school sharing an enormous jelly donut. I wanted to slap it out of their hands. Or at least grab it from them and make them run a little ways to get it back.

(Here is a previous post on fat kids entitled Fat Kids.)

For all we lament about teens striving for these unrealistic Hollywood, nip-tuck bodies, I can assure you there are a great many teens who have not been seduced by this negative media messaging. They must be very strong. I busted one of my many independent-minded large girls eating some crappy thing in class and she quipped, “What doesn’t kill me will only make me fatter.” I laughed, as did the rest of the class, because it was funny. It was actually the most clever thing that I’ve heard her say. Yet deeply worrisome.

And the number of teenage chub-chubs is growing fast. A Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) report finds that the obesity rate for 12–19 year-olds has more than tripled, rising from 5.0% to 17.6%, between 1976 and 2006. (And this is obesity, mind you..not merely overweight.) The rates are much higher for minority children.

We adults are pretty fat as well. If you haven’t seen this, YOU MUST!! It’s a CDC map that shows state by state adult obesity rates from 1985 to 2008. The whole map starts to change color as the years role by and we all get fatter.

C’mon kids, let’s have a salad and get up off our asses once in a while.

Mr. Teachbad


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