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Living For Others

My hat’s off to you Who can get yourself through this To be perfectly honest I’m too selfish to do this A good teacher is like a candle – it consumes itself to light the way for others. — Author … Continue reading

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Do You Like Fridays?

Never known a group To fetishize the Friday So much as teachers Always to one another Of its nearness we must speak I think everybody who works some sort of basic Monday through Friday job appreciates Friday. It’s the last … Continue reading

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Teacher Retention Incentive for Principals

We’re here, and then not Trotsky in Stalin’s scrap book Gone and forgotten I know that I bitch a lot. But, honestly, that’s why this blog exists in the first place. So I don’t consider that a valid criticism. However, … Continue reading

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Dear Teaching: It’s Not You, It’s Me

Same conversations Come to school, do your homework… Different set of kids Don’t mouth off, walk in the hall… Waiting for your replacements Teaching, I have really tried to love you. I guess I probably still do love you and … Continue reading

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Fire Drill Not Taken Seriously, Part I

FAKE EDUCATION NEWS Denver, CO Part One At precisely 12:19pm Monday the fire alarm at East High School in Denver, Colorado blared throughout the building. Jared Winslow had been trained for this moment and faced it with steely calm. Winslow, … Continue reading

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More Fat Kids

Fat kids’ PDA Like baked potatoes fighting Over the butter This poem is dedicated to my favorite obese boyfriend and girlfriend at school. They can often be seen waddling the halls together, sausage fingers locked linked (yeah, that’s funnier); or … Continue reading

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Why Do Teachers Quit?

Professional respect Intellectual debate Pain and gain The battle of ideas Recognition Climbing the ladder Closing the deal Surprises New challenges and power lunches Trust and opportunity These are the crucial elements That animate the teacher And drive him To … Continue reading

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