Student Keeps Asking About Recommendation Letter


-Baltimore, MD

Mike Morland, high school math teacher in Baltimore, MD, tells sources that student Delonte Craniff, a senior at Patterson High School, has begun to contact him more frequently with reminders about his college letter of recommendation. “I told him I would write the letter and send it in”, says the 32-year old Morland, “but he keeps sending me emails and dropping by my classroom after school to see ‘what’s going on’ with the letter. Jesus Christ. I mean, he got a C+ in my class and he’s sort of a dick. What the fuck am I supposed to write about that anyway?” Craniff defended his actions claiming that teachers tend to “forget lots of shit” and have to be “kept on a short leash.” Craniff added there wouldn’t be cause for such vigilance except that “the CCBC [Community College of Baltimore County] don’t play.”

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7 Responses to Student Keeps Asking About Recommendation Letter

  1. Alex says:

    I have lied on various applications for kids to get into Universities in the UK- we are not allowed to critisize, lambast or in any way say negative things about our students, so we just generate the same crap over and over again. The UK education system is so corrupt it makes me sick. Pretty much all of the students are retarded too. Hate this job.

    • Sean says:

      I know this reply is 10 months late, but I now have a general recommendation letter for “average” students. To my surprise the letter has helped average students get into fairly good colleges…..

      • mrteachbad says:

        Hi, Sean-

        I don’t keepo track of tadries anyway. Welcome and congrats on your longevity. I’m interested in hearing some voice of experience. Please stop by again!


  2. Debbi says:

    Damn! Is that real???

    Given that it’s Baltimore, I’d believe it.

  3. not a dog and pony show says:

    I have laughed at a few students (yes, in their face) when they asked me for a letter or recommendation and told them they really don’t want me to write one. It blows my mind some of the students who ask me for one. Really? You had a D in my class and you did that kicking and screaming and you’re rude as hell and you want me to put my name on a letter of recommendation for you?!?!

    My favorite is when they ask me for one for Student Council or to be an officer in a club or something. Don’t blame me when you don’t get it…

  4. Teacher Dude says:

    I teach at Patterson! I’ve learned how to handle the recommendation letter problem – just say no! I only write recommendation letters for students who gave an honest effort in my class (so I rarely have to write any).
    Out of curiosity – why did you pick Patterson for this fake news?
    The CCBC line is hilarious. Every kid regardless of effort or grades is accepted by CCBC.

  5. mrteachbad says:

    Alphabetic by city. This was the second FEN…B…Baltimore. Then I do a very small amount of research and find a school.

    Thanks for reading.


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