Good job everybody! This is what we’ve been waiting for. I hope everybody has a great break. We’ve earned it.

Mr. Teachbad went out last night with a bunch of other teachers and tied one on. When we get together socially it always strikes me that there is so much talent, expertise, goodwill, and friendship among us, that it’s a shame so many of us will have moved on by this time next year. What would the administration have to sacrifice to create a professional environment such that, say, 80% of us would stay? But what could they gain if we stayed? Maybe what they would lose would be more than offset by having more people around here who know what’s going on and like it. If a company lost 30-50% of its employees every year, they would conclude that something is seriously fucked up and should probably be fixed immediately.

Mr. Teachbad will be in and out of the blog during the course of the break. This is a time when we might all like to forget our professional lives for a while. I will always be here when you really need me.

Here are two poems to take us into the break.

Saw an old student
From a couple years ago
Remembered her name
She was surprised and she smiled
It felt good, right then, to teach

It’s ‘cause you’re lazy
Or could it be I’m boring?
No, let’s say it’s you

Happy Christmakwanzukkah!!!!

Mr. Teachbad


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